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Fill Your Whole Heart as You Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit in This Three-day Immersive Camp Experience Set Against the Backdrop of the Magical Muskoka’s

Your All-Inclusive Registration Includes:

3 days and 2 nights spent nestled in the beautiful picturesque Muskoka, Ontario.

We are honoured to be supporting this amazing facilty by offering Soul full Camp at  Campfire Circle (formerly Camp Ooch which was founded in 1983 and merged with Camp Trillium on January 1, 2020). With the merger Campfire Circle was born and this Camp supports children and families affected by childhood cancer in Ontario with year-round social supports, including programs that meet the wide social, emotional, and developmental needs of Campers.

Campfire Circle Muskoka is a beautifully updated, modern, and accessible facility situated on 400 wooded acres surrounding a private lake just minutes from the picturesque town of Rosseau, Ontario.

Your bunk space in a comfortable winterized cabin. 

Get comfy in a comfortable cabin and enjoy moments of joy and laughter as you share special moments with your cabin mates. 

You’ll sleep in a twin sized bed or lower bunk and share the cabin with 6 other women. Each cabin is equipped with bathrooms and wifi.

Have a group of women coming? Let us know, and we’ll bunk you together!

Not only will you enjoy the beauty of Muskoka, but you also have the opportunity to upgrade your accommodations.

Want to take your weekend experience up a notch and sleep in your own private room

Private rooms are available in townhouse-style units which include three bedrooms (either a double or queen bed), a kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry and a porch. TV and wifi are also included.

With breathtaking views of the lake, these units are sure to instill a sense of calm and serenity, and an ideal home away from home.

Your upgrade cost is $200 for the 2 nights for your room. There are a very limited of upgraded rooms available, so make sure to book early if you would like to stay in these gorgeous accommodations.


Incredible workshops and expert-led sessions. 

There are lots of phenomenal options for you to choose from. 

You get to play and have the time of your life … all in a judgement-free zone with other women just like you.

We have all kinds of mind, body and spirit experiences that will bring a smile to your face.

You can choose from a variety of fun activities such as archery, belly dancing and line-dancing. We also offer enlightening and creative sessions.

And the best thing, you get to choose the experiences that your soul needs.

Gather around the table, and savour each bite as you enjoy delicious meals prepared for you. 

The camp chef offers nutritious, filling and tasty cuisine options. Hearty, healthy options to keep you filled up.

All meals are included with your registration

The chef and the kitchen team can accommodate all special diets and dietary concerns … we’ll ask you about them when you register.

Let your heart take the lead, allowing yourself to be that little girl again. Reclaim your sense of wonder and playfulness with breakout sessions designed to release you from “should.”

It's All-Inclusive!! OMG!

Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul in Our Engaging Breakout Sessions at Our Weekday Muskoka Soul Full Camp

A camper favourite! In this fun-filled recreational activity, participants will learn basic shooting techniques in a safe environment will trying to hit affirmation targets.

Come and learn some pottery basics and create something to take home with you!

Join Lea for a mix of guided meditation and restorative yoga. Bring your pillows and blankets and Lea will guide you through gentle and restorative poses with mindful meditations mixed throughout the session. No experience required. Be prepared to allow yourself to settle into your own space and let your spirit and your soul simply rest and restore!

Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment CCMBA is one of the profound healings that works on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Learn how to release toxins, abuse, gain vertebrate alignment, spiritual insight, or anything you need.

This is a fun, exciting, and critically acclaimed women’s personal safety and empowerment program. ABC teaches self-defense and
 effective strategies to recognize, avoid, and respond to unwanted encounters or physical violence perpetrated by strangers and/or people you know.

This ancient form of dance is a dance of sisterhood and a way to celebrate many things including weddings, engagements, the birth of a child and, most importantly, being a woman. Guaranteed fun, learning, laughter and bonding in sisterhood in a supportive, judgment free zone. 

This heart pumping class will have you ‘electric sliding’ and ‘boot scootin boogie-ing’ on your way to see ‘mamma mia’. We may even get ‘dizzy’ and ‘footloose’. No experience necessary. If you can count to 8 and you know your right from your left, then you can line dance. It’s the most fun you will have with your clothes on … lol.

Within a women’s Sacral Chakra she stores pure sexual energy (also known as womb/creation energy.) This potent spiraling ball of orange fire within her is what drives her desires and creativity. But so often women have turned off or become disconnected from this energy over their lifetime.
Within this sexual arts workshop Sacred Sex Coach Siera Jane Grace will be teaching the ancient practice of sexual energy circulation. She will begin by teaching a basic understanding of orgasmic energy and its many forms. She will then proceed to lead the group into a guided meditation and breathing exercise. This practice will leave individuals with the tools to begin to be able to recognize, active and then circulate their sexual energy completely on their own. Ultimately unlocking the first key to healing their relationship with their sexual energy and becoming sovereign in their own pleasure and creation power.

Grief is everywhere and we all experience it in our own unique way. This workshop is a safe space where we explore grief, bringing awareness to what grief is, how it can show up (sometimes unexpectedly), and how you can make the intentional choice to become your own Empowered Grief Warrior.

Take a gentle hike with Patricia where she will reveal our outside mindset and show us how to reclaim it, reconnecting us with nature and ourselves. You will leave with a better understanding of how the power of trees and nature help us in ways you may not have realized, and the knowledge of how you can invite and accept that powerful gift into your self-care from wherever you are.

Aura is an energy field surrounding everything. In this workshop, you will learn: What an Aura is, how to see Auras and 
reading Auras.

This is going to be a fun, light and interactive workshop that will also be a little crafty as you will make your own Aura painting, and then we will read it.

This mini pop-up scrapbook can be used as an autograph book, or a camp journal, or even to add photos to after camp. Easy to make and so versatile. Play with colours, decorate with items found on a nature hike or simply use it to collect and remember your camp experience.

In this beautiful, healing workshop Sacred Sex Coach Siera Jane Grace will be addressing the relationship you have with your Yoni. She will begin with a discussion about where our belief systems as a collective and often dissociation with our Yoni come from. Moving onto a detailed lesson in understanding the Yonis basic anatomy and energetics. She will then provide you with many practical and easy homework exercises that you can begin doing in order to create a healthy relationship with your Yoni. Finishing with a guided meditation that will lovingly take you through the healing process of releasing old beliefs and patterns as well as energetic debris from past negative sexual experiences. This will all help bring about peace and open space to start cultivating a nurturing and juicy relationship with your Yoni going forward.

When it comes to personal development, creating a deep understanding and awareness of our inner thoughts, beliefs, and values plays an integral role in our lives. This knowledge is power! YOUR SUPERPOWER! And it allows you to truly show up as who you are, not who others expect you to be. Creating personal awareness helps you to take your power back, power that we, as women, give away far too easily and unknowingly. With this knowledge, YOU get to decide what you do with it, rather than just going through life reacting to others, feeling crappy, and not really understanding why you feel the things you feel – good AND bad. In this workshop, you will learn strategies on how to start creating that personal awareness for yourself and take your power back!

Calling all Caregivers! As new or seasoned Caregivers we can face many challenges with our own health and well-being. With over 20 years of caregiving experience, including her own health challenges, Patricia shares some valuable tips to help you protect and support your own health and well-being so you can be the best Caregiver possible for yourself and those you are caring for. After introductions and sharing we’ll do a quick assessment of your needs and discuss simple and accessible ways to support you on your journey as a Caregiver.

What does sisterhood mean to you? Let’s talk about it!
We gather in circle to talk, play and create.
Along with a discussion of sisterhood throughout time we will also have energy clearing, moonstone crystal discussion and an interactive art project.

Have some fun in the woodworking shop creating a special keepsake.  The Campfire Circle team will be there to provide instruction.

Take a hike! Um, let’s reword that… You are invited to saunter while reconnecting to the embrace of the forest. Join Rachel as you are guided to mindfully use your senses among the natural world as we take time to move, breathe, reflect and rest. Forest bathing is not simply a walk in the woods – it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest. You’ll leave with first-hand experience of the benefits of spending mindful time in nature, and feel rejuvenated.

Love to meditate? Never meditated before? Haven’t yet found meditating to be something you enjoy? No matter where you land on this spectrum, the space created during this time will be welcomed by your mind, body and soul. Join Rachel as you are guided to co-create a ceremonial space to cleanse, play, breathe, move, reflect and rest – all of which provide mindful moments. Meditation at Soul Full Camp is a beautiful experience to ground your energy, feel supported and remember what it feels like to be fully in the present moment… or, just take a nap – every expression of meditation is welcome in this space!

Wanna laugh yourself happy? Then join us for a Laughter Yoga session. Laughter Yoga combines laughter with childlike play and deep breathwork exercises which helps the body to release endorphins (the happy hormones). Yippee!! The best part is, it’s a hoot!! We are going to giggle, snort and chortle our way through a laughter session that will tickle the back of your left elbow. Come laugh like everyone is laughing with you!!

This workshop opens you up to embody your light body, release old programming, rewrite new stories with tools to live life consciously while understanding and honoring your body’s signals.  A beautiful journey of sound healing, shamanic drumming and light language, connecting throughout, in the flow of the alchemy of you, through your senses, DNA upgrades, aligning your body, mind and soul to your innate and god given powers.

Over the ages many have studied personalities and have come to four main types, but we have a little of each in us. Personality Dimensions, created by a Canadian, takes you on an interactive Journey to find your personality, how you learn and how you relate and communicate with others. Leave with resources on how to know more about yourself and others.

Join gentle Yoga teacher Kelsey Anne Watts as she guides you into a deeper understanding of each Chakra, through movement and art. In this nurturing yoga workshop Kelsey will be helping you to better recognize the light and shadow aspects of the Chakra’s within yourself. She will guide you into yoga poses that aid in supporting each of the seven energy centers. Kelsey will invite you to locate emotions within the body and use breath to process and allow them to flow through you. Finally she will guide you through a small intuitive art project to connect you further with the Chakra you are meant to be working with going forward. Expand your knowledge, find balance and clarity in this informative and beautiful yoga practice.  

Meet Our Muskoka 2023 Soul Full Camp Breakout Session Leaders

Siera Jane Grace is a Sacred Sex Coach who guides women in reconnecting with their feminine essence and sexual energy. She is a Cosmic Sexuality certified instructor, a body neutrality published author and an all around embodied sex goddess. Her goal is to lovingly provide a safe space for women to become comfortable with learning about their bodies and talking openly about their pleasure. While imparting ancient wisdom and practices to aid women in healing womb and Yoni trauma.

Dorota Clifford is an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant Soul Mentor, Empowering Everyone to Awaken their Intuition, Intuitive Coaching, Teacher and a Radio Host.

Patricia Pearsell is a Warrior Mom, Caregiver, Advocate, Author and Outside Mindset Guide. After some serious physical and mental health challenges she began her own journey to better health where she has enjoyed discovering the many healing benefits of nature.

With over 20 years of experience, Angela Woppman specializes in hormonal fat loss, hormone balancing, corrective exercise, kickboxing and line-dancing. She understands the struggles that many women face when it comes to weight loss and balancing their hormones. She was a member of the Queen City Outlaws, a competition & exhibition line-dance team until she moved to Canada in 2007. She was also a lead instructor for weekly line-dancing lessons that the Outlaws provided. She uses her unique blend of humour and being a kid again to make exercise fun.

Jayne Brownridge, The Joyful Goddess, has been providing many activities, classes and workshops throughout the Durham Region. Allowing women the freedom to express themselves just as they are is very important for Jayne and meeting and inspiring women is a big part of who The Joyful Goddess is.
With a passion for creativity, nature and living in flow, Jayne offers unique and varied ways to empower women to discover their Inner Goddess.

​​​​​​​ Lea Moffat is not only a wanderer she’s an adventurer and a creator. She looks for every opportunity to create, to play and encourage others to do the same. She’s a working mom of 3. Caregiver to two step kids with special needs so she’s no stranger to having to look hard for opportunities to let her soul feel untied and free to play. She feels that wisdom doesn’t always come with age, it comes from experience and exposure whether that’s what we planned or not. Her inner child wants everyone she meets to remember what it feels like to create, to play and explore our own inner thoughts. We are all worthy to heal from whatever life has thrown at us thus far, and why not make this a fun experience!

Rachel Logan was introduced to yoga as a teen by nuns on a high school missionary trip to India. Her practice continued throughout her adult life to manage the stresses of studying, work, marriage and parenthood – finding a deep love for the practice. In 2018, Rachel completed her 300-hr Yoga and 100-hr Goddess Flow™ Teacher Trainings through Ahimsa Yoga. In 2019 she added a 15-hr Partner TT, 25-hr Kids Yoga TT, and began studying, assisting and teaching Restorative Yoga. Rachel has facilitated meditation for classrooms from Kindergarten to grade 8, and incorporates thoughtful poems or guided meditations into her offerings. With a focus on the Divine Feminine, her teachings cultivate a safe space full of support, asana, community, connection and fun!

Margaret Dennis is a personal growth junky, lover of funky shoes, mom to an amazing teenage daughter, and the founder of EVOLV coaching. As a Women’s Life Empowerment Coach & Grief Educator, TEDx Speaker, and writer, supporting women in learning how to live their BEST lives full of Balance, Passion, and Purpose is Margaret’s passion. With a sub-specialty in grief that evolved out of her own personal grief experiences, she helps women to embrace their femininity, honour their grief, and become their own Empowered Grief Warriors.

Meet GROOVE-licious Bev Bettens. It is her mission to bring JOY wherever she roams. She loves to dance and laugh and sing … OH MY … preferably, all at once. She facilitates GROOVE, a shared dance experience and Laughter Yoga, where laughter IS the practice. Movement is medicine, especially, when it’s fun!! She can’t wait to connect with a giggle and a jiggle.

Caroline, EagleSongWoman is a Master Sound Energy Healer, Intuitive, Channel for the Light, for Spirit, many realms and star beings. A Spiritual Guide/Mentor, here to Empower you in All ways, Reiki Master, Shaman, Shamanic Drumming Journeyist, Channel, Light Body Activator, Alchemist, Mystic, Teacher, WayShower, Singer/Songwriter, Animal Communicator, Facilitator in raising Consciousness. Simply show up, Open, Breath n’ Receive, Many Tools for living your best life, heal, be happy in life will be shared. Expect physical, emotional, soul healing, DNA upgrades, 3rd eye activations and more, healing cells and organs, plus an Array of activations to advance in life with clarity, living consciously, Empowered.

My name is Kelsey Watts and I am a yoga teacher. It brings me a deep, centred joy to guide people through my yoga offerings. Yoga has been the practice that I will forever return to and am always drawn to share with others. I am always learning and growing and evolving into the best version of myself. I look forward to taking part in Soul Full Camp.

Meet Tammy Little, Director and Facilitator at Little Homestead Health and Wellness Retreat Center, Barrie
Intuitive Healer trained as Reiki Master / Teacher
Psychic Medium
Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor
Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator
Certified Living in Colour Facilitator
Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner #11506580
35 years in Early Learning and Care Sector

Isn’t it time you said YES to putting yourself first?

Click the button below to join us in this three-day immersive camp experience set against the backdrop of the beautiful Muskoka’s.

Co-Founders Heather DelRosario and Jenny McKee have designed Signature Soul Sessions that are a highlight of the Soul Full Camp Experience.

These Soul Sessions and circles are designed to help you move from a place of desire to understanding and knowing so that you leave camp with a full heart and tools to create momentum.

Our Soul Sessions, led by Jenny & Heather, are designed to help you dig deeper and connect to the answers that are already within you.

Meet Heather DelRosario, Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Many people think that an awakening happens all at once, but in my experience, it was a series of little moments.

Subtle shifts in awareness that built upon each other led me to look at myself in the mirror, hold my gaze and say to myself, “I’m making the decision that I don’t want to live like this anymore. It was time to find me.”

In the years since that pivotal moment, I’ve uncovered my purpose and have helped hundreds of women create change in their life through Soul Full Camp experiences, just like this one at Campfire Circle in Muskoka.

Meet Jenny McKee, Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Art, meditation, hypnosis, journaling, and reading were therapeutic and healing tools that I learned during my own mental health journey, and they continue to support me over ten years later.

Workshops, conferences, and retreats allowed me to learn these invaluable tools that I continue to use and widened my circle of like-minded people who, like me, choose to access this work to support themselves in their journey.

Just as Soul Full Camp does today for hundreds of women each year with different camp experiences held at multiple locations in North America.

Give yourself the gift of Camp! You’ll be so glad you did.

Your All-Inclusive Week Day Muskoka Camp Investment

  • Hearty home-cooked meals and snacks prepared by the camp chef

  • Connection Soulcial

  • Campfires with special campfire snacks

  • Signature Soul Sessions and Discovery Circles

  • 4 Breakout Sessions to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Three days and two-night accommodations

Prices start at just $495 but go up as we get closer to the event. We also offer payment plans (you will see them at check out)!

Early Bird Special – $495 Save $100 until February 15th! 

Regular – $595


ONLY ONE PRIVATE ROOM LEFT. Upgrade to a private room for an additional $200.

What Our Past Campers Have To Say About Soul Full Camp

Find all of this, and more at Soul Full Camp!

The Fine Print

Must be 18 or older to attend.

Our Refund Policy

We know sometimes life happens and so we will provide a full refund 30 days prior to your camp less a $75 administration fee. Anything less than 30 days to camp has no refund, however you are welcome to gift your ticket to someone else (a $25 admin charge will apply), as long as you notify us in writing at [email protected].

But we really, really don’t want you to do that. Why? Because we know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh gee, I don’t reeeeally need to go. What was I thinking?” or “(Sigh) Life is just so busy, I can’t possibly get away! Oops! Changed my mind!”

So we’re saying, “No way. None of that.”

Instead we’re saying, respect your time and respect ours. Say “heck yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.

Any questions before you commit? Email us at [email protected] for a caring, non-judgmental response. Prefer to talk on the phone? Mention that in your email and we’ll set up a date to chat.